Thinking about lessons?
Let's talk about it!

  • Have you ever wished you could make it into the top band at school? Or be section leader in your marching band? Or finally manage to get into All State?

  • Are you interested in doing music in college, but don't know where to start or how to prepare?

  • Do you feel like practicing is boring?


  • Are you interested in the future academic and professional success of your child?

  • Are you looking for a program that develops character and critical thinking skills?

  • Does your child need a little extra boost with their music studies?



If your answer was "yes" to any of those, you've come to the right place.


Your goals, dreams, and ambitions as a musician and as a person are important to me. Let's work on them together.

Taking lessons will look like this:

  • Set and achieve goals for flute

  • Learn the joy of practice (yes, hard work can be joyful!)

  • Increase confidence in themselves through performance opportunities in recitals and masterclasses

  • Learn how to make music more interesting, beautiful, and powerful

Achievement always demands hard work, though. My expectations are:

  • Students put in the requisite amount of work for the attainment of their respective goal(s). When we practice mindfully, we learn, improve, and ultimately progress.

  • Students come to lessons ready to receive feedback on their work, and explore new possibilities with the flute. Knowledge is power, and when we open ourselves to it, we empower ourselves!

  • Students are supportive of their colleagues. There’s room for all of us to be good musicians and good people!


But why take lessons with Drew?

  • Lessons are more than just "getting good" at the flute. I also strive to teach students skills and habits that ultimately enable them to be a force for good in their own lives and communities.

  • That being said, increased competence on a musical instrument not only makes music more fun, but also more powerful. Their capacity to appreciate music deepens, and they’re more capable of using their skills to enrich their own lives and others’ as well.

  • My experience as a professional flutist puts me in a special position to help students achieve goals such as acceptance to All State ensembles, local youth symphonies, and for the particularly ambitious, comprehensive preparation for college auditions. We’re all a team in this studio. The beauty of this is the fact that students of all levels benefit from this community, so all are welcome to join with us.

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This all sounds great...
But can he walk the walk?



Let's begin our journey together



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